Is there an inflammation or infection inside one of your teeth?

Sometimes the nerve inside the tooth becomes irritated, inflamed and painful. This is most commonly due to either decay, tooth breakage or a deep filling/crown/bridge. You can also get painful infections and abscesses around the roots of the teeth. When we see these scenarios we have two options:

  • remove the tooth
  • save the tooth with a root canal filling

Root canal treatment is one of the most complex dental procedures carried out. It is a skilled and time-consuming procedure. Our caring staff is accomplished in treating the most difficult root canal treatment cases. We often have great success in treating patients who are experiencing pain or want to save their natural tooth, which might otherwise need extraction.

Why is Root Canal treatment required?

The aim of root canal treatment is to prevent your tooth from being taken out by removing the damaged pulp and treating the infection.

  • severe tooth decay
  • repeated dental treatment on the tooth
  • a cracked tooth
  • a broken crown
  • cracked or loose fillings
  • gum disease
  • an injury, such as a blow to your mouth

If not treated, it can spread further and cause a collection of pus which can be painful, tender and can cause swelling around your tooth and jaw. Sometimes your tooth may look comparatively darker in colour than your other teeth, which means that the nerve inside your tooth is dead or dying.



Braces & Smiles pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients access to advanced Root Canal 0treatment at Leeds, Ripon and Bradford. If you have missing teeth and you want to know you’re putting the future of your smile in excellent hands. Book a consultation with us today and consult our extensively trained dental professionals with years of experience. Find out more about how we can save your natural teeth and restore your quality of life.  

It will be a painless and smooth process. We will make sure that there is no rush, until you’re completely numb we won’t start. Lie back in our comfortable chairs, put on your choice of film or TV show and relax. With a calm and methodical approach we will carefully remove any decayed or broken tooth and then gently remove the irritated and inflamed nerve that is causing the pain.

Following this a soothing and antibacterial medicine is used to clean the inside of the tooth. We then place a soft filling in the tooth and build the tooth back up. You may be recommended to get a crown to support the tooth after as teeth can become weaker after root fillings.

You’re in safe hands at our clinics where distinguished dentists with a passion for improving patients’ smiles use latest technologies and techniques to restore your dental health. 


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