Want to replace your missing teeth?

Braces & Smiles at Leeds, Ripon and Bradford offer a range of dental services including Dental Implants. Come and see a consultation with us today.

Dental implants are long-term (or in some cases, lifetime) solutions for replacing damaged or missing teeth. It consists of two parts, the artificial tooth and the screw. The screw is typically made from titanium screws that are implanted into your jawbone, replacing the root. 

Over time, this screw will fuse with your jawbone, offering a strong foundation and allowing you to eat and drink like you would with a normal tooth. The second part of the implant is the artificial tooth, which can be made out of many materials, but porcelain is the most common as it’s easily able to mimic your natural tooth colour.

Why say yes to Dental Implants?

  • the effective way to restore your perfect smile
  • mostly like natural teeth
  • the longest-lasting tooth replacements
  • safe for adjacent natural teeth
  • implants are safe
  • they prevent bone loss
  • they are easy to care for

Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t! Replacing missing teeth is important to your general health and to the health of your other teeth. Not only do you lose chewing ability when a tooth is lost, but un-replaced teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, tipped or crowded and create subsequent problems.

Braces & Smiles provides safe, long-term tooth implants (dental implants) for all patients. Our service is renowned for its customer care, and we place a firm focus on nervous patients. Here with us, we ensure that you receive the finest dentistry service and as well as the best in-house care and support.

Whether this is your first time having a tooth implant or you are a returning patient, you will always receive professional care and treatment from our end.

When you get in touch with our dental team, you can rest assured that you will receive a safe, relaxing and pleasant experience during your dental implant procedure.


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